What to do with Surface Piercing infection?

I posted a question about cleaning surface piercings but now they has puss coming out of them. I have my collar bone pierced on both sides, this is my first surface piercing so I don't know a great deal about them. I bath it twice everyday with rock salt (sea salt). What should I do if puss is coming out of them?

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  1. horseyhorsey Says:

    well people will always say just to clean them, but i would advise you to squeeze all the puss out first, as much as you can, and then clean it again. use ‘dial’ antibacterial soap to clean it, and use dial shower gel aswell. just have showers, dont get into the bath till its healed.

  2. ungary_2 Says:

    Um well when ever i get a piercing i tend to leave it to heal naturaly. But if its infected id treat it but not too much. I think when you treat cuts or piercings with like say savalon or something it tends to irritate it or make it sor which makes it hard to heal.

    Try and let it scab over and it will start to heal. Let it get air and also salt water is very good for piercing. But dont use normal water and salt. Try and rinse it in the sea, sea water is very good for piercings mine healed quick with sea water.

    Hope this helps.

  3. Steph Says:

    piercings do that lol. whipe it off with a cotton bud soaked in the salt water when you clean it.

  4. Caitie Says:

    I’ve got my sternum pierced (cleavage surface piercing)… quite similar to collar bone, and mine has become infected as well.
    it was only scared for awhile but it’s gotten worse.

    I’ve noticed that it gets infected when i stay in the shower too long with really hot water pouring all over it. It becomes kind of like a blister. Do you get this? eventually it becomes a yellowy colour, pops (i know, gross!). I get rid of all the puss (by squeezing it together – gross again) and when it starts to bleed i clean it up with water and cotton buds.

    After a week or so it should have healed, but it will most likely scar, teaches us to keep it clean in the first place. I use a spray on ‘antifectant’ and when i continue its use it stays clean and uninfected.

    See my other question, “how to remove scars” (link below) and that should help you out if you do develop one.


    Good luck.

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