How painful is a rook piercing? How painful is a tragus piercing?

Rook Piercing Tragus Piercing If you have either of these piercings let me know how painful they are.

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  • which piercing should i get next (no haters please!!)…? ...rook (?30) daith (?30) vertical tragus (probably about ?40 – not sure lol) or depends on what my piercer says he can do lol. belly button (?25) pain isnt an issue for me, so i dont really care about that. im getting them all done at some point anyway. i already have my lobes done twice, my left helix and an...

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  • Rook or daith piercing? ...Friday!! Woohoo getting my ear pierced again! I have my tragus pierced, and I’m getting another pierced in the same ear. Which do you like better, daith or rook? But for having the tragus done, which one do you think would go well with it? Rook or daith? In this picture, it’s a rook and tragus, I don’t...

  • Anti-Tragus Piercing? ...Anybody have it? I’ve been reading some stories on BME (I think that’s what it’s called) and people are continually saying it’s their worst piercing ever. Extremely painful. Anybody else have that same experience? I’d like to get it, I’m assuming the pain wasn’t THAT bad if they’re still alive today and they kept...

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