How much does a tragus piercing usually cost?

If you don't know what a tragus is, don't bother to answer... How much does it hurt to get pierced? Bar or hoop? Thanks!

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  • tragus piercing…….? ...I got my tragus pierced over a month ago, and was changing the piercing from the stud I put in, back to the original hoop (as i thought it was probably best to keep it that way for a while [only had stud in a couple of days].) However, I can’t reattach the small titanium...

  • Is it okay if you DON’T get the nose stud put in first when you get your nose pierced? ...because i just got mine pierced a couple days ago, and I didnt want a stud first. I wanted a hoop. But some people say that you should leave the stud in for around 6 weeks before you get to change it to a hoop. But oh well. The person that pierced it didnt...

  • anyone with an inner conch piercing? i need help!? ...i am looking to get an inner conch piercing. I already have four lobe piercings, nostril and tragus. however, my tragus was frozen and i didnt feel anything, so i’m not sure how i am with pain. I didnt think my nose piercing hurt though. I have chosen the studio i want to go to,...

  • anti tragus piercing? ...I just got my anti tragus pierced and i was wondering if anyone else has this piercing, because i never saw anyone with it before, besides a few pictures on google.. It hurt really badly. =/ If you have this, do you have an eyebrow ring or hoop in it? I have an eyebrow ring in...

  • most painful piercing?? ...ok mine so far was my inverse belly (idk y it hurt alot alot alot tho) i hav my snug,tragus,monroe,lobes, and cartlidge. at one time i wanted my conch but backed out after it costed 75$ years later i want it, its 40$ now to my piercer which is pretty cheap. im affraid i will back out though, because...

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