Should I get the piercing…? (Answers please)?

I'm having a really hard time deciding this, so I came to you guys for help. I really want a helix orbital (picture: It's two holes on the top part of the ear, with one ring going through both, hence "orbital") but my parents are VERY against piercings and tattoos and things like that. I finally convinced them to agree to let me get it for my 13th birthday which is coming up in a few weeks - but only on the condition that if I get it done then I'm not allowed to ask for any other type of piercing until I turn 18. So the thing is, I'm not sure if I want to agree to this because I might want something else when I get older. That's not to say that they will agree to that something else, though... So what would you do? (Oh and, please don't tell me that I'm too young. I look and act much older than I am, and I know what I'm doing.) Please and thank you!

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