Anyway to convince parents to let me get a rook piercing?

I'm 17 and I realllyy want to get a rook piercing. I don't know how to convince my parents though! They're really close minded about everything and think it's gross. Any ways I can convince them otherwise? Help Please! I dont want to wait til I'm 18

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  1. Clay Says:

    seduce them with candy

  2. BikerChick Says:

    OK, so if you have to wait even a year, what is going to happen? Will you die? Will your nose fall off?

    If your parents said NO, that means NO. When I say no, if my kids keep bugging me, it REALLY pis*** me off.

  3. Kitty610 Says:

    Probably not. You could have a buddy do it and risk massive amounts of infection and doing it wrong, but that would probably be easier than convincing close-minded parents that its the new cool thing and that it’s worth it.

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