Surface Tragus / Fore Tragus Piercing needs?

I got my fore tragus / vertical surface tragus or whatever you want to call it done yesterday, LOVE IT. no pain or anything as of yet. it was done using a surface bar. Just had a few questions that i wasnt sure of 1. i have salt water etc, was just wondering whats the BEST way of cleaning it and how etc. 2. Can i take the balls off the end after a few weeks for school etc? 3. For rugby, in a months time, what do I do? tape over it? take it out? 4. Putting my motorbike helmet on? tape it? Thanks guys, any helps appreciated.

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  1. AlrightDollface;; ? Says:

    oooh, bet it looks beaut : )

    salt water with cotton wool, no poking around with buds that just irritates it..
    if you do take the balls off, you might risk it falling out, cant your hair go over it?
    and rugby + this new piercing. all i’m saying is good look not getting it hit…

    tape it? sounds silly but i’d but cotton wool over it, and tape it then. more cushion for it : )

    hope this helps you ( :

  2. funw/sharpthings Says:

    wow. considering thqat you ride a motorcycle and play rugby, this might not have been the smartest piercing for you. they are hard enough to heal anyway. the helmets might not be too helpful.
    look here for aftercare and what to avoid. use cotton balls or gauze to soak the piercing.
    you can prob take the balls off, but that depends on what you mean by ‘surface bar’. if it’s shaped like a staple, you can prob get away with it. if it’s just got a slight curve, it could fall out. but, it’s best not to mess with it at all, so if you don’t have to take the balls off, don’t.
    taking it out for rugby is not a good idea. it takes a while for surface piercing to heal. if you take it out after a month, it will be very hard to get it back it. you will do a lot of damage and after several times, things will not go well.
    it’s important to leave it alone and let it heal. if you can not do that, you may consider ‘retiring’ the [piercing.

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