How long does it take for a tragus piercing to close up?

I got my tragus pierced less than 48 hours ago and now I read about how it gets all infected and how dangerous it is, I took the earring out and now I want to know how long will it take to close up?! What should I do to speed up the closing up process too!

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  1. Spencer. Says:

    i have my tragus pierced and it never got infected. Just make sure you clean it with soap and warm water. I have had mine done for months now and i have had no problem. Make sure you have a hoop ring in. A stud is more likely to get infected with a hoop you can move it around so it won’t get all crusty.

  2. Noctis Says:

    I’m 18 and i have no idea what a tragus is
    in future try piercing something familiar

  3. Missouri M Says:

    I have mine done and yes it does get infected quite a bit but you should be okay if you take care of it idk how long it takes to heal up though

  4. Ray <3 Says:

    It should close up almost overnight because it’s so new.
    BUT, remember you have to clean the hole too! You might as well have kept it in because the hole is now an open wound as before the ring was blocking bacteria from getting in.. its actually MORE at risk now.
    Do regular sea salt soaks for about a month and it should be fine. Try not to get your hair products in it.
    Really a little infection is nothing to worry about though! It’s not like it’s deadly or will make your ear fall off, it’s just a little annoying for awhile and goes away with cleaning.

    To bad you wasted the money and pain.. I would have left it in.. less risky.

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