what is wrong with my cousins ear lobes?

when she was about 6, she got her ears pierced. they were fine for about 3 or 4 months but then it looked as if the ear rings she wore (she did not wear heavy ones, just little, light, girl ones) were sinking through the bottom of her ear lobe. in fear of them completely breaking through her ear lobe, we took them out. she is 8 now and to this day it looks like a vertical slit in her ear lobe. does anyone know why this happened? is it possible for her to pierce her ears again? she's wanting to wear ear rings so badly! any help is appreciated. here is a picture. it looks just like this, only not torn quite as far. http://static.squidoo.com/resize/squidoo_images/-1/draft_lens284635module1362567photo_ear.jpg

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  1. ? Says:

    Maybe her earrings were too heavy. I wouldn’t pierce them again…

  2. cbbun Says:

    That actually pretty common. Take her to an ear piercer and see if they can repierce in the same area or if they recommend doing another spot.

  3. ? Says:

    That’s what happens if you wear heavy earrings. I wouldn’t pierce them again, but take her back to a piercer and let them be the judge of it.

  4. kbangel Says:

    It could be that they were bothering her so she was tugging at them, perhaps at night to make her ears get torn. Perhaps she was sensitive to the metal or had a small infection. I would say she could get her ears pierced. Spend the extra for the titanium earrings to be safe and keep them very clean.

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