How do girls feel about a guy with a genital piercing?

So you are dating a guy and he tells you he has a Prince Albert piercing, how do you feel about it?? Does it make you curious? Does it make you scared? Do you want to try it?

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  1. Kaelee M Says:

    i would most likely be scared off. it just seems…..weird. like why would you want it? although i have never been in the situation & hope i never will be.

  2. hi hi peoples Says:


  3. laksdgjasdlgk Says:

    i would say ew.

  4. frippy green Says:

    I never had a guy with one, but it looks pretty sexy. I wouldn’t be scared of it.

  5. amishvomitcake Says:

    Those intrigue me more than scare/offend me. It makes me wonder why that particular guy would go through the pain of getting it pierced… I mean, I can think of the obvious reasons, but what was the most important one to him?

    Beyond the initial intrigue, my reaction to it would depend entirely on the guy and his hygiene practices.

  6. jmsweet6 Says:

    basically it is pretty gross. eww why would you EVER go through that much pain? bleck!!!

  7. cheri h Says:

    so sexy!!!!!!!

  8. Debbie W Says:

    Personally, I love tats, but the piercing thing (other than the ears) freaks me out. Not only do I not like the look of any body part being pierced (belly buttons on females looks nice tho), the thought of ones genitals being pierced is just gross to me. No, I would never try it (to have one or have sex with one who does), and no, it does not make me curious. If all could see the health problems sustained that I have witnessed over the years, noone would even venture to that area for a piercing.

  9. Tania S Says:

    I honestly would not know how to answer this question fairly. I have never known anyone who had that area pierced. Although I have seen the woman with genital piercings but never a man but I feel that if a man had it pierced it might be something that might be fun.

  10. i?Duran Says:

    That’s kinda sick…

  11. demeok Says:

    I would think that was messed up. Because they would probably have it just to impress the ladies and get the to want to see your little friend and that is just a huge turn off

  12. msshan2001 Says:

    I’d think the guy was a bi-sexual/bi-curious LOSER

  13. precious Says:

    i think it’s down right disgusting myself….ewwww no thanks i wouldn’t want to try it.sounds kinda gayish to me… but whateva

  14. PoalaKuma Says:

    I personally would be a little curious. I like piercings myself so yeah….

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