angel bites or madusa?

which do you think would look better on me (minus the lip piercing on the side-Retired) Angel Bites- Madusa- So far i have 14 already: Vertical labret 2 in my tongue (double tongue) rook industrial 3 in each lobe helix eyebrow bellybotton Getting my nape done in a week! and eventually getting dermals on my sternum or my collar bones done know yet.thanks Please dont answer if your just gonna be a douche,I love piercings and dont care i just would like to know peoples opinions. lol so are you nathan explosion i counted one to many because i had my lip done on the side and counted it by accident when i put the number down,you under counted dumb ass AAHG sorry maybe this pic of me is bigger,if it helps you out... heres another one to help a bit

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