is it feminine to have your tragus pierced, im a male and have my lip and tongue im think about my tragus or getting a tragus bar to bend and go up to where a vertical industrial would go... opinions, i dont want to hear from you if your against piercings all together please dont waste my time

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  • Ear piercing project opinions (rook/vert. tragus questions)? ...This is my right ear now. I drew dots on the spots where I have piercings but there aren’t any earrings in the holes. I have my conch, snug, and just 4 normal piercings. I want an orbital on the top (probably 3 holes with a spiral bar through it)… and I’m thinking of getting...

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  • Inner Conch Piercing? ...Im planning on getting an inner conch piercing and I’m just wanting to hear from anyone who has one. I’ve heard mixed opinions on pain and I know it all depends on the person but how much did yours hurt and how long did it take until you were able to sleep on it. I also...

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