What facial piercing would look good/okay on me?

Sorry the picture is really small :/ http://s198.photobucket.com/albums/aa265/monica_13_photo/?action=view&current=tn.jpg Thanks for all of your answers :D Wow, (miese_99) I'm not asking for self confidence. Asking for opinions is way different than trying to gain confidence, get that through your little head.

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  1. tay3722 Says:

    nose or maybe a monroe

  2. Makaila. Says:

    monroe ftw.
    maybe if you got your cheeks pierced?
    ehh. idk about that one though.

  3. *SwimmerGirl* Says:

    Usually I’m not a fan of lip rings, but I think it would work for you. If not, and eyebrow ring

  4. Hello Says:

    Eyebrow piercing. I think it would look really good :D D

  5. Alex D Says:

    Nose and ears methinks…
    Though I personally am not a fan of nose piercings.

  6. Nikki e Says:


  7. Mike Says:

    Definitely your nose would look really pretty.

  8. miese_99 Says:

    no facial piercing would look good on you if you dont have the confidence to pull it off..

  9. summerstarz Says:

    um… none. You are fine the way you are. But if you really wanted to, I would think one on the eye brow

  10. Chaylor Says:

    nothing i hate body piercings not to mension that they hurtdon’t get anything> But if u do just get a fricking ear pierced!!!

  11. lilpiglet760 Says:


  12. :)I LoVe HiM<3 Says:

    stick with your natural self:)

  13. Gymnasticsferlife. Says:

    I think a nose piercing would look good on you.

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