Cleaning a tongue piercing..?

I heard sea salt is a good way to go, and i researched piercings, and one is recommended to use anti-bacterial mouthwash without alcohol when washing an oral piercing, but can I use Hydrogen Peroxide to clean a tongue piercing?

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  1. Cherry_Bomb Says:

    Hydrogen Peroxide would not be a good choice. It is such a strong cleanser that it can actually kill your healthy cells. This would prevent the piercing from healing and it can actually lead to sores, redness, and infection.

    Stick with sea salt soaks and alcohol-free mouthwash :)

  2. jen Says:

    No! Dont use hydrogen peroxide, keep using the sea salt and mouthwash, i used both mouthwash and sea salt for mine and had no problems, and the healing went fast too! Just give it time and use the mouthwash if your in a hurry. If you have time do the sea salt cause its better for it!

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