What are the pros and cons of getting micro dermal hip piercing? surface hip piercing?

Im thinking of getting one, which is better and why?

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  1. Catface Says:

    Firstly, good choice! Hip piercings are awesome! Micro-dermal implants have a lower rate of rejection to surface piercing with barbells as the anchors that hold them under the skin are generally deeper than the barbells. It all depends on the type of jewellery your piercer uses though. It would probably be less painful to get 4 dermal anchors than have a barbell threaded through there. Also, I would have thought migration would be less likely with micro-dermal implants as they are all individual. If one starts migrating, you can take it out, let it heal, then get it pierced again (which would be cheaper than replacing a piercing done with a barbell and also there would be less scarring left after).
    Basically, 4 separate micro-dermals would probably be better (but since they’re a relatively new idea, may cost more money and your piercer may not be completely comfortable with performing the piercing). I would go to your piercer and just ask what they recommend to be honest, because the jewellery used by piercers varies greatly. But my suggestion would be dermal anchors. Just be aware that hip piercings have a very high rejection rate (even with micro-dermal jewellery) because of their position on the body as there is a lot of movement and clothes can rub them. They rarely last longer than a few years but if you’re vigilant, they could last longer. This is why I suggested dermal anchors…if one gets irritated, you just have to take ONE out. With barbells, you would have to take the whole jewellery on that side out.
    Hope this helped and I hope, if you decide to get them, that you’re really happy with them!

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