Belly button piercing infection?

My belly button piercing is about 4 months old, I have a curved bioplastic barbell in. Yesterday I found that using Dial antibacterial soap is really bad because it was too strong so I stopped using it, but also yesterday the skin under the bar was a bit painful when I twisted around, today the pain was extreme. The strange thing is it only hurts when the barbell [space between the two piercing holes] is being touched and when I touch the bottom of the piercing and the jewlery, the pain is really intense. I am currently cleaning it with sea salt, it pussed a little bit of yellow. Is this an infection? the pain is prickly, and a hot, warm feeling, it hurts very bad and in a little it fades away. Thank you for your answers, and its like a shooting pain and a red circle around the top ball :[

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  1. Tori Says:

    no but ur a retard for using antibacterial soap

  2. Stephiie? Says:

    i had the same problem when i used rubbing alcool thinking it was my saviour. BIG MISTAKE.
    but just keep doing what you’re doing and use polysporin or infection cream and dont touch it much and dont move it around then you should be fine

  3. meme Says:

    Just stop touching it.
    It may be one. But the more you mess around with it, the more bothered and painful it will be!!
    Clean it well, and stop touching it!

  4. TwiztidElegance Says:

    person above, how is she a retard for using antibacterial soap? your supposed to use that the piercers even put it on the sheets. But I would reccomend to quit messing with it, dont go swimming, and soaking it in warm sea salt miz (warm water plus sea salt) twice a day, and just leave it alone for a couple of days. it seems like it could be getting a infection.

  5. heythere Says:

    if puss is coming out…that actually means its healing…not infected. touching it though will not help since your just transferring bacteria to that area. use dove soap. they told me to use that when i got mine done and it worked for me,

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