What side does NOT mean “lesbian” when getting a facial piercing?

OK, Um so I am going to get my upper lip pierced, but I'm NOT gay. So which side does not mean "lesbian"??? So I really don't believe that stuff is true about ,"this side means this", or whatever, but my friends do. Please help!!!!! Thank you :)

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  1. fasterthanuthinkk Says:

    ask your friends

  2. Biddy Says:

    It doesn’t matter either way. One side might say your a lesbian, but the other side just says I’m a dirty whore who is trying to make a statement.

  3. Anisya Says:

    there is no gay/lesbian side with piercings

    get what you want…don’t let your friends’ ignorance stop you.

  4. izzy Says:

    It’s your piercing not your friends… Get it on the left or right were u think looks best.

  5. danybrooklyn Says:

    any side. just don’t it.

  6. Alzie Says:

    right side is lesbian.
    left is straight.

  7. darlene Says:

    There is no official statement that says either side means your a lesbian. That’s just myth rumors that has been going on forever.Just ignore them.You could get it any side you want and whatever side fits you best! If you’re really going to listen to people that put you down for getting a piercing then a piercing is not for you. Remember people will always criticize you for a facial piercings, because its in your face! Now a days people get whatever side they want. The left or the right. For a facial piercing and specially on the upper lip looks nice on the left, to symbolize marilyn monroe’s mole. Or you can try the right to symbolize Madonna’s mole on the right. Good luck with your piercing, and remember who cares what people think, its about what you want, not what they want:)

  8. Soccer_Lover Says:

    I dont think “face perecings” have a certian side for things but i know that right is lesbian and left is staight.
    A good way to remeber is “left is right and right is wrong” haha ill never forget now

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