old septum piercing causing problems?

i've had my septum pierced for 6-7 years now and it had never given me ANY problems. i took it out for a few weeks - and when i tried to put it back in, i noticed pain. but not the normal soreness you experience when you first put a piercing back in. at first i wrote it off as just normal soreness - except it was a bit more severe. my nose became EXTREMELY sensitive - touching or bumping it causes extreme pain, but when i remove the jewelry it immediately stops. i'd also like to add, this isn't new jewelry, i've worn it for years and never had any problems. i highly doubt it's infection as there's no puss and the pain stops after removal... just wondering if anyone has any ideas or have had this happen to them and if they can help - i'd greatly appreciate it. i love this piercing - don't wanna have to give it up!

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  1. LAUREN Says:

    it possibly shrunk while having it out then when you put it back in it had to stretch out again

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