Facial piercing how long before closes?

OK, I have 2 employees with facial piercings - one above the lip, the other right below. Just a stud for both of them. My question is - they say that if they take it out for just the few hours that they work, it may close. Is this true? These are not new piercings - both have had for some time.

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  1. TINX28 Says:

    IT actually depends on the person. I have two facial piercing. My nose and below my lip. My nose ring will close within a matter of hours and ive had it for over 4 years and my lip takes at least a day or two for it to completely close.

  2. juniperflux32 Says:

    It’s true. My sister horrified me by getting her lower lip pierced but then had to take it out months later for a job. It closed up in less than a day. btw, they make clear piercings that can be put in but look far less obvious. You could suggest it to them.

  3. hotdoggiegirl Says:

    As they said, it really does depend on each person. I will say that the nose piercing is through cartilage which a semi bone so it’ll always have a hole in it. However, in a few hours the skin around the hole can close and would require re-piercing. Not a really good idea because the scar tissue will build up and the piercing is more prone to infections.

    Do they work in food? If so, they may be required to cover their piercings up with bandaids/tape while around the food–check your state health laws. Otherwise, the clear retainers may be the best you can do. However, before “requiring” anything or even suggesting things to these employees, check to make sure you won’t be violating any discriminatory laws. You don’t want to get sued!

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