where is the most unusual place to get yourself pierced on your body?

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  1. ldywolfsong Says:

    I would have to say the most unusual would have to be your private area down south

  2. K M Says:

    i don’t think anywhere is unusual anymore.

  3. jakeb32 Says:

    well now and days my answer has changed… I would say if you pierced your fingers and/or toes or like the palm of your hand or the bottom of your foot… Those just seem like odd places to me because of how it would limit you from so many things…

  4. starred_and_scarred Says:

    Well, the weirdest place I had a piercing was in the middle of my collar bone. It’s called a Madison after some porn star apparently but it was done poorly and grew out. I think it’s pretty weird to get that little stretch of skin that attaches your lip to your gums pierced. I just don’t get it. You can go to BME and check out some wild pictures of all kinds of mods, especially pocketing. You could have jewelry just about anywhere with that.

  5. ~~Pixie~~ Says:


  6. beweird22 Says:

    Last ngiht, I had corset piercings down my forearms. 20 piercings total. They had to be taken out of course, but it was awesome. It really didn’t hurt nearly as much as I expected. I plan on more in the future, I just need ideas.
    But I’m with the guy who said there are no unusual places to pierce anymore. Everything’s been done before. The biggest problem is that surface piercings can’t stay in. I absolutely loved the corset piercings. I’ve gotta find more ideas.

  7. kaisa.marie Says:

    in the first jackass movie when steve-o pierces his butt cheeks together!

  8. N4SXX Says:

    most unusual place I saw get pierced was the webbing between the thumb and index finger

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