What right do lawmakers have to ban female genital piercing?

In Georgia it has become illegal to preform genital mutilation on females-- clearly a good law! However, due to a tiny amendment, it is also illegal for a consenting adult female to go to a parlor and get her genitals pierced. Oddly enough the law doesn't even ban male genital piercing! "The original intent of the amendment was to make illegal the voluntary piercing of female genitalia for decorative purposes," said Rep. Bill Heath (R-Bremen). Heath said that while some piercings do fall under the category of involuntary genital mutilation, he is fine with banning the voluntary procedures as well. "I just don't think it's appropriate," Heath said. The bill only regulates female genital piercings. Heath said he doesn't support male genital piercings, but won't draft legislation to address the issue." How wrong is it to tell an adult woman what to do with her own body? What do you feel about this issue? By the way, this is *not* a health issue. Genital piercings done by a professional and taken care of by the piercee heal in weeks and very rarely have any problems, such as infection, at all. They're very safe. This ban was made because one man decided that it was basically immoral and wrong for a woman to elect to get pierced below the waist. EDIT: Yes, I believe they repealed the law. But it was in effect for a time, and it doesn't change the fact that a man decided that women didn't have the rights to their own bodies. Also, no one should say what jewelery a woman can have on her body or not. What next...women only allowed to wear certain rings? No bracelets? Alex-- Actually genital piercings are the quickest to heal and *very* rarely get infections. You might want to research piercings a bit more. http://www.bmezine.com/news/pubring/20040325.html This bill obviously didn't have to do with health, or it would have also banned male genital piercing.

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  1. Latrell Down Under Says:

    becoz its sick and not normal…i wouldnt wanna look at a pussy wit things hanging from it

  2. Princess Leia Says:

    It’s called politicians & lawmakers making up ridiculous laws to divert citizens’ attention from valid issues like country-wide healthcare and needed alternative energy sources. Um, you can abort a baby, but you can’t pierce your own stuff??? Yeah, right… that makes perfect sense, lol.

  3. Miyuki M Says:

    It’s still legal.


  4. alex w Says:

    Because it’s nasty and easy to get an infection.

  5. hillarygriffon Says:

    just the thought of it makes me panic

  6. Richard P Says:

    Government slowly begin stepping in and restricting liberties in the name of protecting society. The less government the better. In the meantime, many people are traveling overseas to bypass restriction imposed by the Australian government.

  7. Cornie Says:

    Why the legislation to begin with? Once again conservatives attempting to restrict the rights and freedoms of those who ‘make bad choices’ in their eyes. According to them, women clearly cannot be trusted to make ‘the right’ decisions regarding their own bodies on their own, so someone has to protect us from ourselves! I thought we stepped out of the women are the ‘fairer, weaker, and less educated sex’ system of beliefs in the 50′s. A lot of women burned perfectly good bras to get us where we are today … some conservative morons aren’t going to that away.

    And to those of you who are closed minded and stuck in a bubble … Piercings like the VCH and HCH are some of the fastest healing piercings you can get. Mine healed in 4 days, and didn’t hurt any more than getting a paper cut. And they aren’t dirty … as long as you actually wash there is little to no chance of infection. So please before you spew your closed minded logic, perhaps you should do a little reading and or research. After all I thought this was a place to find ‘semi-educated’ answers to questions.

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