How long do I wait after a nipple piercing for oral contact?

All my aftercare information says is wait until healed. But there are stages of healing! I just want to enjoy myself again, and my guy is chomping at the bit waiting to get a, umm, mouthful of my new accessories. Is a month long enough?

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  1. :) Says:

    thats naughtyyyy….

  2. Anisya Says:

    nipple piercings take 8 months to a year to fully heal.

    oral contact should be avoided from at least the first 5 months.

    if your boyfriend is into biting…wait about a year…it will HURT BADLY to get your nipples bitten while you’re still healing..regardless of what stage you’re in.

  3. Catherine Says:

    lmao, that’s why you don’t f*ckin pierce your poor body


    when i see someone with a piercing i think “trashy” “slut” uneducated” “idiot”. all people with brains do as well.

  4. the little one Says:

    My boyfriend is an ex-professional piercer (15 years experience) and he tells everyone with a nipple piercing to wait at least 12 weeks, and even then keep it minimal. the longer the better because they take at least 6 months to fully heal. Your piercer may suggest longer than 12, just call and ask. Don’t be embarrassed, I’m sure they hear this kind of stuff all the time.

  5. kritten Says:

    Give it at least good month to heal 6 weeks would be a little better. Make sure you clean it well immediately after. Tell your bf to be gentle. Nipple piercings don’t completely heal for about 6 months. Before then, you’ll have to go easy on them. Tugging or playing roughly with them can cause small tears that will be easily infected. There’s also a higher risk for rejection if you keep pulling on them before the scar tissue has “set”.

    Enjoy but take common sense precautions!

  6. John D Says:

    It depends how rough he is likely to be.

    If he’s not going to be pulling then a month is long enough. Take it carefully at first and see. If you feel any pain or discomfort stop immediately, but otherwise go to it and enjoy yourselves.

    If he’s careful then the worst you can do is retard the healing process. If you’re not careful then the worst that you can do is physically damage yourself and get a nasty infection to boot.

    It could be many months until you are completely “healed” while one month is probably enough that care will see you through.

  7. Stephanie Says:

    Wait until it’s healed. Or just wash it after and put the stuff you clean it with on right after.

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