What do I do for an infected dimple piercing?

I've had my dimples pierced for about 7 months. Within the past couple weeks I noticed a bump under one of them which is filled with pus and it keeps doing so even after I try to extract it with warm water and such. I am not sure of what to do; I've only had one infected piercing out of the nearly 100 I've accumulated over the years, and that was my navel and since it isn't an oral piercing I'm at a loss here. I was hoping someone who is a certified piercer or has had infected dimple piercing could help me out here. Only serious answers please, and 10 points to the one that is most helpful. I need an at home remedy ASAP. Thanks!

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  1. Alyssa Says:

    rubbing alcohol always helps ! :)

  2. mi01 Says:

    I haven’t got that piercing but I do have quite a few.Ive always been told by my piercers that plain antibacterial soap works best. Like liquid soap dial works best for mine. Clean the area with warm water and that soap as often as you can (but not obsessively). And don’t touch unless you have to…and in that case wash your hands first.Try it since the wound is on the outside. And don’t do alcohol! I don’t know why but my piercers always advise me NOT to use hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. Hope it helps…good luck!

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