Cartilage piercing, can’t turn it!?

So I got my piercing yesterday with a ring, and it really hurts. I can't turn in like a normal ear piercing because its too sore (I tried really hard to turn it and I managed to get it around once, but I was in extreme pain.) and its red around the area. Should I not turn it for a few days? Thanks much everyone. Thanks everyone :) Just an extra note I did get my piercing with a needle professionally and they told me to clean it with Bactine (I also have my nose piercing and double pierced ears, bactine has worked for that...)

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  1. MamaMia Says:

    Take the ear cleaner they give you (if they didn’t give you any they have it at drug stores or claires) and put it on a Q-tip, clean around youre earring and gently turn it, this should help!

  2. HandcuffedByBeingAStar Says:

    I suggest make sure it is clean and only turn it when your in the shower at this point and the water etc will make it softer and easier to turn and hopefully not hurt as much and make sure you don’t turn it too much and again make sure you keep it clean.

  3. massacre of sanityr Says:

    put alcahol on it and try as hard as u can but careful not to tear your skin i have lots of piercings so when i have this prob i usually try turning it in the shower while its wet.

  4. Fifi Says:

    don’t touch if for a few days, i remember my cartilage being hard for a couple days to.
    don’t use the claire’s ear ring formula suggested in the first question, it not actually that good.
    use sea salt and hot (not boiling) water to wash it around 3 times a day

  5. Brittany Says:

    Since you were told to turn it I am guessing you didn’t really do much research and got it pierced with a piercing gun (bad move #1). Don’t turn your jewelry – that can irritate it, drag crusties in, and tear the fistula that is trying to heal itself.

    Aside from sea salt soaks or saline soaks twice a day you should just be leaving your piercing alone.

    Edit – bactine is way too harsh for piercings…

  6. S O Says:

    Hi, you didn’t say what cartilage you got pierced, if its that sore I’d call to your local Chemist/Drug-store, I’d phone the shop that you got your piercing done in and ask them for their professional advice, even go to you doctor if its not healing. Wikipedia says “”with cartilage piercing, the blunt force of an ear piercing instrument will traumatize the cartilage, and therefore make healing more difficult. Also, because there is substantially less blood flow in ear cartilage than in the earlobe, infection is a much more serious issue. There have been several documented cases of severe infections of the upper ear following piercing with an ear piercing instrument, which required courses of antibiotics and/or surgery to clear up”

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