New navel piercing help?

I just got my navel pierced 3 days ago. I've been cleaning it with unscented antibacterial soap my piercer gave me, and H2Ocean spray. Today's the first day the top hole has been a little red, though. The piercing is still sore, and I know that's normal, but the red is kinda freaking me out. It's not extreme or anything, just a little bit around the top hole. Is it possible that from sitting, I am irritating it? Because I mean, everyone's stomach gets that little fold in the skin when they sit down, I'm by no means fat haha. I'm probably just being paranoid, this is pretty much normal, right?

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  1. Vanessa L Says:

    its okay its gunna be red for a while, thats normal its just sore.

    just keep cleaning it! :]

  2. pOkeRfAcE!! :]] Says:

    Its fine i promise. Its supposed to be red just keep cleaning it :)


  3. <3 Says:

    The first time i went home when i got my naval peirced, i sat down and i had to jump straight back up, It does hurt sometimes when you sit down, just becareful when you sit down. It is totally normal. For about 2 weeks, mine was like that. Not in much pain, but a little. You’ll get over that stage in no time, and it will all be healed. :) Just keep cleaning it and cooling it down if it hurts. :)
    Hope i helped.

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