Fake body jewelry to test out a genital piercing before I decide?

I'm thinking of getting a genital piercing, (probably either triangle piercing, VCH, or inner labia piercing) so I was wondering if there is some fake body jewelry out there that I can wear to sort of see how it would look and if I would like it? (Like the stickers, magnetic clip ons and regular clip ons you can use on your ears) Also, after the piercing heals (if I were to decide to get one), would I be able to take the real jewelry out for extended periods of time and put it back in later, like I can with my ear piercings?

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  1. ALETASHAE Says:

    ok… well, u cant use a clip on down there simply because it wont stay on…. now just to see what it would look like …, ya go to Clair’s or after thoughts / icing… get a clip on n put it on, but it wont stay there if you move around…

    after it heals… no i would not recommend taking it out and leaving it out.. i would go to a professional to change it or anything with it.. that is a sensitive part of your body that you don’t want to go mess up….

  2. Mistress Sara Says:

    Yes they sell something like that at this website.


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