A new unusual piercing that everybody doesnt have..?

i hate having the same thing as everyone else and like to be unusual, i got my bellybutton pierced three years ago and now everyone has it done, so last year i got my nose pierced, and now every one has it done so i took it out...i want to get my tongue or the back of my neck pierced but i'v kinda been put off through stories i'v heard. what other unusual piercings can i get? x

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  1. evergreen Says:

    3 years ago everybody had pierced belly buttons. Maybe it was unusual in 1989. Have you ever seen corset piercings? Oh no, you’re a poseur? Tongue piercings are trendy, back of the neck not so much.

  2. Jamie G Says:

    septum is unusual..?

    get spider bites.

  3. Artemis Says:

    Forget piercing, get a big plate in your lip!

  4. The Cheeky Monkey Says:

    your genitals lawl!

  5. LILIE! Says:

    your nipples!!!

  6. shoup22 Says:

    You could get a lip or monroe piecing those are both cool and not many people I know have them.

  7. jess Says:

    What about your cheeks or the monroe thing? Maybe the snake fangs in the corners of mouth? Or the one that goes between the eyes at the top of the nose but i don’t know what it’s called.

  8. Brianna W Says:

    you can get in between your eye brows done lol

  9. Jo =) Says:

    I have a friend with the back of her neck peirced, just make sure you can keep your hair from getting caught in it.

    Otherwise i think a little stud in the middle of the chest is cool.

  10. Masterbateandhooks Says:

    hood piercing

    corset piercing

    septum piercing

    industrial bar

  11. that one girl. Says:

    I’ve seen one person in my whole life with that.
    Its unusual and like no one has it.

  12. Batman Says:


  13. Sarah S Says:

    we could write a list of places, couldn’t we?

    But i think the best is snake bites
    orrrrrrrrrrr i loveee eyebrow piercings on guys
    anddd nipplies?

  14. Rawr Says:

    My friend got her tongue done. I was there with her and I watched her get it done. It doesn’t sound nearly as painful as getting your neck pierced but it wasn’t all that bad. Everyone’s got piercings so it’s difficult to find something everybody doesn’t have. Just get a piercing you want.

  15. awesome! Says:

    who cares
    it’s not like people are going to look at you and say “omg she’s just like everybody else”
    and if they do so what!

  16. Bite Me! Says:

    Corset Piercings are cute but very sore and short term.

    Watch if you get you neck done, girl i know got one caught when she was brushing her hair and ripped out!

    What about a monroe piercing or Just general lip piercing. Or get your ears again.

    Try looking on youtube at the different piercings.

    Hope i helped, x

  17. METALLICA_Girl Says:

    Instead of trying to look different with piercings just dress different or dress how you like and be who you are , get w/e piercing you want , dont do it because nobody has them and dont do it because everybody has them so in other words
    That will stand out most

  18. kelly bo belly Says:

    There are webbing piercings, collarbone piercings, hip piercings, wrist piercings, and that little area at the top of your nose piercings.

    just a few

  19. beezy Says:

    cute but painful

  20. New Daddy Says:

    All of those were popular long before you did them. Belly rings were VERY popular 3 years ago.

    Save yourself all the worrying and just be unique in personality. That’s what’s important. Not what you wear or where you”re pierced.

    And if that doesn’t work for you, pierce your retina

  21. chester4e Says:

    ok tso this me a couple years ago I had my tongue pierced along with a tonguw webbing piercing I have never seen anyone in person who has this piercing it doesn’t hurt getting it done either it feels like a novacaine prick real easy and heals quickly and everyone I show it too is facinated about it it goes horizontal piercing with a curved barbell


  22. lunarlove3 Says:

    go to bmezine.com. they have pictures of almost every piercing you can think of there. trust me you’ll probably find several that you want and won’t be able to decide which one to get!! :p i got my high nostrils done because i saw them on BME. lots of people have been like “whoa those are awesome i’ve never seen those before!!” etc etc haha… but yeah it’s a super awesome site i hope you check it out!!!

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