I want an Exotic/unusual piercing. Any ideas?

I already have snake bites but i want a facial piercing that you wouldn't see everyday.i don't know of many piercings so give me every idea u have. i will take ideas into consideration. Thank please Help! i give 10 points. please give me pictures also

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  1. Liz Says:

    This isn’t a facial piercing, but you should get the skin in between your thumb and index finger pierced. If I ever got an exotic piercing, I’d do that just because it looks awesome and probably not too painful.


  2. Ivy S Says:

    under the eye
    under yo chin
    side of yo lip

  3. Sharkme Says:

    you could get your smiley done thats when you pierce the skin that hold your lips together. Or you can get your dimples pierced. My friend had his forehead pierced once

  4. B S Says:

    Corset piercing

  5. Bryan S Says:

    hi …i was looking on the internet at piercings and saw someone with their eyelid pierced in the corner.dont know if it would irritate but it did look cool.i have 13 piercings myself,including 2 dermal anchors in my tigers eyes on my back…looks cool.

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