whats the most unusual piercing you have seen on a person?

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  1. Ema Says:


  2. Paigeybear Says:

    Honestly, nothing phases me too much anymore.

  3. Steve Says:

    neck piercing are totally scary.

  4. [?]__Dєи?ѕє D?ѕ?ѕтєя Says:

    I saw this freaky looking guy with his pinky pierced!
    pinky as in finger..
    yep, up the top near this knuckle!

  5. Betti Says:

    But i also believe—->

    if you want a piercing! you shouldn’t be looking for the most unusual!
    because that just proves your doing it for attention! WHICH IS COMPLETELY UN-ORIGINAL!
    get what you like and stop trying to stand out in the crowd!

    If you’re just asking for the asking than it doesn’t really matter, every time you walk out of your house you see someone with Crazy hair! Piercings! Tattoos! BLAH BLAH BLAH! It doesn’t matter anymore everybody looks shocking and different? we all blend in now nobodies original anymore sure we got the personality but faces they basically all look the same now. Whatever the most unusual piercing is SOOO MANY OTHER PEOPLE HAVE IT! ITS NOT UNUSUAL ANYMORE IS IT?

  6. Sierra M Says:

    One between the eyes on the bridge of the nose sort of? Also this one guy on Youtube who’s friends with spricket24, he wears this really annoying nose ring that hangs out of the middle of his nose. Yuck.

  7. Jo Says:

    i think that when people do knee suspensions and get their knees pierced, is pretty crazy…. but it doesn’t really phase me anymore.

  8. Ashleigh Says:

    My kindergarten teacher always wore an earring in her fingernail, they were long fake nails and she just stuck a stud through one of them… I never really got why.

  9. crazzy_nascar_chick Says:

    I think uvalas are pretty unusual. Cool, but unusual.

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