When you’re getting an unusual piercing can you just bring your mom or dad and if they say its okay even if ur

underage you can get it? lol bridge piercing

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  1. flawlessfarie Says:

    i really wouldn’t

  2. sugar sugar Says:

    Didn’t I just answer this for you? YES!!!!!!

  3. Joanna S Says:

    How unusual…?

  4. Softball Chick Says:

    i think as long as u have parent consent it is legal. best wishes to u

  5. Tanor L Says:

    Yes if you are under 18 it is ILLEGAL!! UNLESS you have a parent sign a permission slip. same goes for if you are getting a tattoo.

  6. ajsrhs Says:

    it depends wat state ur in im in cali and im 17 i didnt need my parents approval but my sister that lives in nevada had to get approval from her dad

  7. techfan_jen_10 Says:

    Where I’m from if you are under the age of 18 you have to have your parents with you for any piercing. As long as you’re a minor and your parents are there you can get whatever they okay to.

  8. CiCi Says:

    In Texas, you must be 18 to get a piercing or you can have a parent or guardian go with you to the piercing parlor and sign for you.

  9. PoggyWoggy Says:

    If you want it so badly just wait till you are on adult age. You dont need a piercing just to become one of the group of special friends. Especially when the piercing is at a unusual spot.

  10. Strange ? Says:

    If your underage you need your parents/guardian’s permission. So of course you can bring one of your parents :]

    But depending on how unusual the piercing is, you may not be able to get it. As if your referring to genital/nipple piercings, you have to be 18 and over here (In Australia…new law).

    But yeah, I really don’t see why not. My Mum was by my side on every piercing I got (14 piercings, now 11).

  11. infobod2nd Says:

    uk is 18 years old on your own
    some places 21years old
    and with a parent or a legal guardian over 18y.old accompanying you and giving consent
    (maybe written consent) is 16years old as far as i know?

  12. Just wonderin' Says:

    If your parents approve of “unusual piercings” and you are underage, they are as twisted as you are, but yes it would be legal.

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