what does it mean if you give a guy oral and he cums?

Well im a freshman and I gave this senior i like head on friday and he cumed in my mouth..I was wondering if guys cum when they are happy or what? Im a little confused.Does it mean you did a good job if a guy cumed?

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  1. jessicatie2008 Says:

    wow hun, find an adult and get some answers! Ask lots of questions

  2. kaykay Says:

    wow. maybe you shouldn’t be giving oral at all. you sound very immature.

  3. Supernatural_rox Says:

    he put sperm in ur mouth

  4. Fares Says:

    if it’s only oral.. maaan ur more than perfect !

  5. BF Says:

    I would talk to your parents. I am sure they would be thrilled to give you expert advise on your “senior friend.”

  6. nanno.love Says:

    freshman? senior?…BIG MISTAKE!!…they like s**t like that!!..u better hope he dont ramp to tha whole skoo or his “boys” what u did!!…


    it juss means that u did a gud job!!…if he hadnt of came then u should be worried!

  7. MattJ1991 Says:

    If you don’t know the basic fundamentals of sex and pleasure, you shouldn’t be doing it.

  8. milton6509 Says:

    That means you did a good job, now you better hope he doesn’t tell everyone what you. He better be at least your bf or
    You’re screwed and everyone is going to expect you to give head to all the guys in school.

  9. huzz69 Says:

    Yes, you did a great job. Orgasm is the ultimate compliment.

  10. gordjca Says:

    At least you get your protein on Fridays, lol. Happy…that depends on him. Satisfied, perhaps. A good job maybe, perhaps he was just very in need and even a hole in the board fence may have done. Communication is so important, I’m suggesting more the verbal type.
    If you happen to have a pierced tongue, maybe it was more your stud than your style.

  11. mikcorp2003 Says:

    you did a good job,,,,better if you swallowed

  12. Harvey Says:

    It means you did it right.

    Out of curiosity, have you ever had an orgasm?

  13. chels9233 Says:

    It means you did a good job.. guys like it if you swallow it

  14. bansheepimp4life Says:

    yea it does mean a good job guys love to cum in da mouth and dats da truth

  15. Mistress Sara Says:

    You did a good job

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