Ear piercing project opinions (rook/vert. tragus questions)?

This is my right ear now. http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c154/xmyspacex666/Rear.jpg I drew dots on the spots where I have piercings but there aren't any earrings in the holes. I have my conch, snug, and just 4 normal piercings. I want an orbital on the top (probably 3 holes with a spiral bar through it)... and I'm thinking of getting my rook and/or vertical tragus done. Do you think that there's enough room for me to get a rook piercing without it running into my conch weird? And do you think a vertical tragus would look good? Or maybe an anti-tragus? I don't know, help me out! Oh, and on my left ear I have 7 misc. piercings (lobe/cartilage), my industrial, and just a normal tragus piercing. Probably going to get a rook piercing on that side (which means I wouldn't get it on my right) and a slip/nies piercing. So I don't want an industrial or normal tragus on my right ear. I have 19 piercings in total... Yeah, after my conch is done healing (got it 2 days ago) I'm definitely going to work on the upper ear cause it's grossly plain! Haha the time it took for my industrial and tragus to heal (got them at the same time) delayed the piercings I want for the right ear. I wanted a daith but it wouldn't work with my ears... that's how I ended up with the conch haha

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  1. duh Says:

    any one of those would look good. you also have plenty of room to hole punch the upper ear.

  2. Anisya Says:

    have you considered a daith instead of a rook? or is there not enough structure there (kinda hard to tell or not in the pic)

    and as far as the tragus issue. it really doesn’t seem like your tragus is thick enough to take a vertical piercing, but again, it could just be the picture. an anti tragus would look interesting placed between your second and third holes.

    also, have you ever considered a UFO piercing (rook to forward helix orbital)??? The way that your ear is shaped would suit it very well

  3. kendallella Says:

    I personally like the anti-tragus my sister has it and it looks cool. Also i really like the rook piercing.

    hope i helped! answer mine?
    i noticed you had a SNUG piercing and i could really use your opinion!

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