How much does a helix piercing cost if you get it done by a professional?

I'm planning on getting my helix pierced soon at a tattoo & piercing parlor in Oregon. Does anyone have any idea how much that might cost?

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  1. Ashleigh Says:

    It all depends on where you go. I’ve been to three places, one charged $60, another one $30, and the other one I think it was like $30 for two holes. Call the place you want to have it done at and ask them.

  2. dubya Says:

    just go ask them

  3. Wdwe S Says:

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  4. CMurphy13 Says:

    Depending on the jewelry you choose and the shop, it should be around $40 or $50. I’d call the shop and ask them before you go.

  5. cantante Says:

    It may cost $50 dollars. That is what I payed.

  6. Girlofpages90 Says:

    Mine cost $50

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