mmkay so im 15 and wanting an industrial piercing i have a few questions that i hope will get answered 1. How much does it cost? 2. How much does it hurt ( a couple of my cousins got them done, they said it hurt and i've heard of people who have passed out when they got it done) 3. How hard is it to take care of? What kind of things do you have to do 4. Is it worth it to get it done? thanksss for people who answer! and i live in Washington if that can help with the whole price thing :) PEACE

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  1. jvidaud Says:

    i dotn know what industrial piercing is, but if its like belly button, then its like $60

  2. deepsoul20 Says:

    It’s one of your more expensive piercings due to a double piercing process. I think they take close to a year to heal.

  3. ElizabethMichele Says:

    Not sure about prices in your area but I think it’s around $60. As for pain, getting cartilage pierced is pain full, but go to a shop and get it done with a needle and it shouldn’t be unbearable. I’ve heard it can be a be tricky to heal, but I think that’s mostly because it takes so long. Just keep your fingers and hair off of it and you should be fine. It’s just the usual aftercare, soak it with some sterile saline solution (H2Ocean is what most people use) don’t use ANY soap as that can dry out the piercing and delay healing. Be careful when getting dressed/undressed, etc.

  4. ChaoticNeutral Says:

    i got mine free, and it didn’t hurt that bad

  5. heartz_92_skullz Says:

    mine cost ?40

    first hole didn’t hurt then the second one soo much bt bearable

    i didn’t think it was hard to take care of usual healing stuff

    deffo worth it love mine!

  6. [the original] Ashley Says:

    every piercing place charges differently. an industrial is a little more pricey than any other cartilage piercing because it really is two piercings done in one sitting. additionally, not everyone’s ears are shaped right for an industrial piercings (it sounds like you’re talking about the standard industrial that goes across the top of your ear, there are other kinds but that is the most common). check out pictures online of successful industrials, if your ear shape looks like it would work then that’s a good start. a trained, professional piercer will not pierce you if your body isn’t suited for it, so if you hear “we’ll make it work” you should leave and go somewhere else.

    as far as pain goes, its different for everyone. cartilage will hurt more than just your earlobes, you may hear a pop or crunch when the needle goes through, etc. like any piercing, its a quick pinch and then its over.

    taking care of would be like any other piercing. I always use unscented regular hand soap (Dove or Ivory, Method by Target has an unscented hand soap with no dyes either which I like the best) twice a day. 4-6 times a day or as needed I use H2Ocean and then rinse with water, which helps with swelling, discharge, and overall healing time. other than that don’t touch it or play with it or anything. it will probably be sore for a few weeks so you won’t be able to sleep on that side – I would suggest getting it on the side you don’t sleep on. do not change the jewelry until primary healing is over (6-8 weeks). because this piercing is through cartilage, it may not be fully healed for up to a year so take caution when changing jewelry, especially if its externally threaded jewelry.

    is it worth getting done? well, that’s up to you. some employers might not like it (one of my jobs says no more than two piercings per ear). there’s only so much fun jewelry you can get, but you should wait at least 6-8 weeks before switching any jewelry anyway. its really up to you. luckily, if you end up not liking it or get tired of it you can take it out.

    check out for pictures and stories about people’s experiences – there’s tons of information on there about piercings and tattoos.

  7. halee_2010 Says:

    i know down here in Kentucky at southern steel all piercings are 25,
    and i know an industrial hurt like hell. I have had alot of things pierced and it hurt the worst. and its really hard to sleep.

  8. Liz T Says:

    it costs around 20-30 pounds
    it does hurt people have passed out but if you really want it pain wont be an objective
    the first year is when it heals its hard it takes alot of care and it hurt like hell
    if you really want it it will be worth getting done
    make sure you go to a reputable piercer and dont just go for the cheeper option as this is not always best

  9. guitarist Says:

    im 15 and i know non of the answers

  10. Sarah S Says:

    when i got my bellybutton peirced my mom had to talk them into it becuase there not even allowed to peirce 15 year olds.
    and it doesnt hurt that bad just look away when it happens and there pretty easy to take care of. you just cant touch them for a while

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