Can I get an industrial piercing a couple weeks after getting a lobe piercing?

I'm planning on getting a 3rd piercing in my earlobe this weekend. I'm hoping to get an industrial very soon as well. I was just wondering if I need to wait to get the industrial until after the lobes are healed. I know healing times for lobe piercings aren't that long, but do I have to wait for those to heal before I can get the industrial? Appreciate any help!

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  1. Costlee17 Says:

    No, you don’t have to wait for your lobes to heal.
    I got my industrial about a month ago, I love it!
    It isn’t much sore anymore, but the odd time it will get hit and hurt.
    The only thing that you might want to consider is pain.. if your lobes are still sore, and you get an industrial on one ear, you may have troubles sleeping or just moving around and living life a usual because your ears will be sore.
    Good luck :)

  2. Marley Cote Says:

    You can get both pierced in one session if you go to a piercing studio and everything should be fine, you wouldn’t have to wait to get your industrial after your third lobe piercings are healed. It’s fine to get three piercings in one session, it just gets iffy if you get ten or more piercings in one session.

  3. Lemon Verbena Says:

    No you don’t have to wait, but I would wait anyway until the lobe piercings are completely healed because industrials can be extremely painful. I have one on my right year and had to sleep on my left side for about 3 months. I would roll over in my sleep and wake up instantly because the pain was so bad. It would have been really annoying if I had tender lobe piercings at the same time. Not all industrial piercings are painful because everyone is different, but why take the chance? Plus, you will probably be more susceptible to infection because you will have a lot of open wounds in your ear.

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