What’s the normal healing process for an inner-conch piercing?

I got my inner conch piercing 5 days ago (right ear). I already have left-side rook piercing, right-side tragus piercing, couple of lobes and a helix, so I pretty much thought I knew what to expect. I'm also pretty good with piercings - they normally heal quickly, with little pain (if any), and with no problems after that - the only exception being my rook, which took a little longer than the others, but expected that). Now, however - ooowwwww! My conch is killing me! It's swollen, tender, and causing pain in one side of my head - feel like I'm being a baby, but sort of after reassurance that this is kind of normal?!? And if not - what can I do to make it stop..?! There's no sign of infection - and I really trust my piercist so it's not like I went somewhere dodgy - just can't understand why yesterday, it was fine - and today, I'm in ear agony?!? The only thing I can think of it's that I've put too much salt in my saline solution, which has irritated it? Never had this problem before - are these piercings renowned for being a bit of a b**ch to heal? Any suggestions - from people with something relevant to say, without meaning to sound nasty! - would be appreciated. Thanks for your help! J

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  1. can704dice Says:

    oh no your not being a baby that shi* hurts like he*& it takes months to heal all the way 2-4 they say, mine took 6 the best thing to do is go to where you got it done and ask them for something that will make the swelling go down i think my guy gave me witch hazel worked great. ice also helped before i went back because it took me about a week to finally say screw this i want this thing out of my head. but he fixed it with the witch hazel he also had some kind if numbing spray look for something like that. other than these thing all i can tell you is good luck and after that experience i will never pierce or tattoo anything else LOL hope you feel better
    P.S. i know this goes with out saying try not to lat on that side of you head.

  2. Amy c Says:

    Haha Im in the same boat you are I got mines pierced like 6-7 days ago and Now my Inner conch hurts like heck and Its really red and swollen in the back I guess the best thing to do is clean with H20 or Sea salts? I also have my Tragus, Helix, Lobes, Cartilage, and The Top&Bottom of my belly button pierced so you would think we would be experts on this you know lol

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