I created my own orbital lobe piercing using my existing lobe piercings. What jewelry is the most typical?

I was bored last night and decided to use my existing second and third lobe piercings to form an orbital lobe piercing. I joined them with a 16 gage captive ring. I have the ball facing outward. I have been looking like crazy for pictures of this type of piercing, and haven't been able to find many. I'm just wondering what type of jewelry a professional piercer would use for this type of piercing. Please don't rag on me for doing this myself. I know it's always better to go to a professional, but hey, it's already done. Now I just need some info.

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  1. Lunar Says:

    you could go to a piercer to ask what type of jewelry to use, even if you didn’t get it done there

  2. sweet sensimilla Says:

    geez next time you are bored read a book. sorry i cant give you a better answer but i don’t really know what you are talking about either. is it 2 piercing connected by one ring…or?

  3. nimicitor Says:


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