I have a question about an orbital piercing?

Has anyone had an orbital "UFO" ( rook to helix connected by a ring ?) or even just a rook piercing? If someone has could you tell me: -was it the most painful piercing you got? Do you still have it and if not why not? Was it so painful it was unbearable almost? Did you have any complications with the piercing? Thanks!

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  1. meenie_is_sweet Says:

    I have had many different piercings, and my industrial was the most painful. it took a little over a year to heal and it was a lot of trouble and up keep. i got infections like crazy cause of hairspray and weather but to me worth it.

  2. Meep Says:

    I have had my helix pierced 3 times, forwards and regular, all were painful, but bearable. But I have heard that rooks are very painful to get done, and quite hard to heal(A friend has had hers done for 3 years and it still gets aggravated if she bumps it) Because of how thick the cartilage is there. It would look beautiful though, so if you’re willing to spend lots of time on cleaning, healing etc, then good luck with it!!

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