a tragus to conch industrial or helix orbital piercing?

I'm trying to decide between getting a tragus to conch industrial or a helix orbital peircing. And i was just curious how bad they each hurt.. and what are your opinions?

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  1. cudigirl Says:

    Get industrial, those are sick.

  2. ErskinKitty Says:

    Their piercing themselves aren’t bad.
    I mean they are very painful and I have a low pain tolerance.
    The conch though I’d forget it is their and knock it with the headsets at work on tucking hair behind me ear.

    But the Industrial would be pretty epic looking.

    I hardly see Helix orbitals.
    I’d go with the Helix, just because I’ve seen a few of those industrials out and about.

  3. shannonnbarbiee Says:

    I have my industrial so either the industrial or helix orbital.

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