uneven stretched earlobes. how to fix?

my ears are stretched to 9/16ths. its becoming noticeable that they were pierced unevenly, as one lobe is the slightest bit smaller. i know most people will say downsizing is how to thicken the smaller lobe, but i am so impatient! i've looked into scalpelling, but i feel like that is a very last resort. it's really not a clean cut, measurable answer, but how long does it take to thicken an earlobe up? has anyone had their lobes scalpelled? what was it like; how much did it cost; etc.?

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  1. stardust. Says:

    With my ears when I take my jewlery out it takes about two days for my ears to thicken up and stay that way (they do tend to thicken up after a few hours of having my jewlery out due to blood flow but when I put my jewlery back in they slowly get thinner again).

    Your ears may have not been pierced unevenly but one ear lobe may have been bigger than the other, our left and right side aren’t exact so keep that in mind. My right lobe tends to be more thinner than my left and that’s because my right lobe was slightly smaller then my left before I started stretching.

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