Can my well healed ear piercing be ‘moved’ with scalpelling?

I want to start gauging my ears, but one of my old lobe piercings is too high, it always has been... so is there a way to have it scalpelled to sort of like move it down a bit. It's about 3 mm higher than the other ear and i hate it. I just want them even, but this hole isn't going anywhere without any help. Ideas? But my point is that it won't heal... it's fully healed open, and won't close - i had left it alone for years and years and it didnt close - it just stayed open. So I'm wondering if I were to have it scalpelled if I could either get it to actually fuse (heal) together and I could get it pierced lower... OR, if I could have it scalpelled to a larger gauge by cutting it downward... then just stretching the other ear normally to get them even. I don't know if that makes sense. sorry!

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  1. Becci Says:

    Sounds like it would be less effort to let it heal over and repierce in the place you want it.

  2. asher3620 Says:

    If you can find a piercer who is experienced with scalpeling, they could open that piercing up to match the other one if the gauge you are headed to is large enough to span the gap.

    Not every piercer is experienced with scalpeling or willing to perform the procedure. You could also discuss getting a new piercing lower, letting it heal and just beginning to stretch. Odds are your other piercing would just scoot over as long as you stretched gradually enough. If the first piercer you find can’t scalpel your ears for you, they may be able to recommend someone who can.

  3. Linda B Says:

    You could also get a dermal punch done. This is difficult to find piercists who will do this. My piercist does dermal punching (which is like piercing your ears to an immeidate 12, 10, 8, or 6 guage). The only back draw of this is because you are removing flesh, it means in the long term you can’t gauge them nearly as far. However, it is an easy and simple way to get your gauging done, and adjust for the issue of 1 piercing being off.

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