Piercers? Would this work?

Well so my ears were stretched and I've since downsized them as far as they'll go to 1.6mm/14g. The reason I took em out was that one lobe was pierced waaayy further down than the other and the bigger I went, the more noticeable it got. I want to know if I can pierce over the lower one and take it out to heal it over? And then once that's all healed up pierce it up higher where it should be? I don't want 2 holes cause I'm planning on stretching up again and that might make my ear more susceptible to tearing, and I don't want it scalpelled because I want to be able to take them out again when I get older. So would healing up the original hole work? And piercers, what would you think if someone came in asking about this?

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  1. FiEND Says:

    sorry im not a piercer, but i have multiple piercings & i have pierced one myself (successfully) i have been around piercers too. so chill.
    you can re-pierce & stretch again. depending on how big you go, the scar tissue from the old piercing might make stretching to bigger sizes harder to do. scar tissue never stretches as easily. 14g is pretty small, so kudos on making it back there. if you’re planning on gauging to 0G or lower, then you should have no problem. the bigger Gs might be affected a little with the scar tissue. considering you want to downsize for later on in life, you shouldnt have a problem. it should work.

    piercers shouldn’t think you’re stupid or anything… it’s not too strange. so many piercings are re-pierced its not even funny

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