Tragus piercing?

I just got my tragus pierced a week ago, and for the first few days it seemed to be healing normally, a little dried blood in the mornings and tender, but healing none the less. After about 6 days it was no longer sore and it didnt hurt to clean. However, yesterday out of nowhere it started throbbing, I hadnt hit it or irritated it in any way, and now it's hurting again! The area around it feels bruised as it is really tender. Is this normal? I have only had one cartilage piercing and the aftercare was a piece of cake, but this one is brutal! When does the soreness usually go away? And how do I know if it's infected? There is no more blood coming out and there isnt any other fluids secreting so I dont think it IS infected, just wondering if this is standard tragus aftercare. Help!

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  1. tayler_07 Says:

    keep cleaning it. even after it heals or feels like it is painless. just because it does not hurt does not mean dont clean it properly!!!

  2. Da Sexi 1 Says:

    Just curious what is a tragus and why did you pierce it?

  3. nymphetamine1978 Says:

    Did you sleep on that side? That’s usually what will do it. They can be a pain to heal, and what you’re experiencing sounds pretty normal.

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