How much does a UFO piercing cost at a reputable shop?

Basically its 3 piercings for want one who doesnt know its daith, and 2 anti-helixs connected by 1 ring,. I want it i would like to know how bad it hurt but it wount stop me from getting it (I have my conch pierced and that was extremely painful so will it be less then that?) How much does it cost also so i know, the shop by my house charged me $50 for my conch so will it be more for 3 piercings but unified by 1 ring

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  1. Brittany Says:

    Everyone’s pain tolerance is different so there is no telling what the pain will be like for you. Why not call the shop you’re going to go to and ask how much they change? Every place charges differently….but yeah, it’s obviously going to be a lot more than $50 to get done. Three piercings? I’d expect to spend at least $120. And that’s at the very very least.

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