I swear I saw a UFO last night?

I swear I saw a UFO last night. There was a long, blimp-shaped object several hundred feet up in the dark, flashing on and off (like a strobe-light) definitely wasn't a comet either. I heard a piercing noise too, like a scraping sound on a megaphone for a second or two. What else could it be??!! I wish I had been quicker! It disappeared when the noise stopped I live in Levelland Texas, very near 10 p.m.

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  1. LuvHirsuteGirls Says:

    a photo opportunity

  2. ez80227 Says:

    sure you did.

    that said, as long as you couldn’t identify it, it was unidentified and if it was flying, then it was an unidentified flying object.
    now that’s not to say that either of these are realistic because there may have not actually been anything or maybe someone else could identify it, among other things…

  3. Quadrillian Says:

    Sounds like either the Goodyear blimp or a military aircraft.

    Don’t worry, thousands of others have sworn the same thing. They are almost always either very young, drunk or liars.


  4. PD Says:

    so why arent you telling us where you live or what the exact time was??? basically, more details the better….and how sure are you that it was only several hundred feet above you?

  5. Tom A Says:

    Obviously it was an alien spacecraft whose cloaking device failed at exactly the time they turned the lights on to put the cat out, while the warden got feedback as he yelled “Hey, turn that thing off!” through his microphone.

    The planet is encircled by a cloud of aircraft. Why do people instantly assume that not one of the possible explanations could apply, and it must be something that’s scientifically unlikely and undocumented.

  6. Shellback Says:

    That’s nice.

  7. Satan Claws Says:

    Yes, it was an UFO. You did not identify it as an airplane (flashing lights) with its landing lights shining on a tiny spot on the fuselage (long light) and the reactor sound (piercing metal noise).

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