What does my dream mean?

Ive been having weird dreams about this guy that I used to like, he switched schools and I haven't seen him in a while, these are two of my dreams Ive had... 1) Me, him and my sister were making like UFO things and my sister was sleeping the whole time so it was just me and him and we were making it over a couple of days and like I was in the same school I guess and like I would wake up in the morning and walk to school and right when I passed these condo places by 7-11 there was like these bully kind of kids sleeping by the trash cans and then when you walk further there was that kid from Malcolm from Malcolm in the middle and then I was back at home and we started making the UFO thing again and then like he was writing something on this paper we were using for notes and then he was like can I ask you something, and he showed me the paper that had the question on it and it said can we still be friends if something something and I was like I guess because I couldn't really read the question and he was like you guess? And I was like well what do you mean and he was like I mean if like I liked you and you liked me could we still be friends and I was like yeah and then somehow I just started walking to school and I saw my friend and told her about it and I actually thought it was happening because I tried waking up but I couldn't, and I saw those weird kids again, but something that was really weird was that the house we were building the UFO thing in, didn't even look like my house! 2)First I was at school with my friends and then we were walking by my other friend (she had recently started dating a guy I used to like and we don't hang out much anymore) and I said hi to her and she looked super pissed and we were like what's wrong and she was like you guys just ditched me blah blah blah and I like walked away I guess and came back and my friend that helped me through a lot was like crying because of what my friend that was mad said and then we went down to some field and there was a bench and we had food and sat down and started eating, and there was this tiny pool thing and everyone was done eating but I was sitting there drawing a picture and my friend Lindsey was getting all mad because I was taking to long and didn't want to go swimming so she like stormed off and went swimming I guess and the everyone was playing kickball or baseball and you had go like 3 times and I saw the guy I liked and his brother there and I was like omg did you see him, he has a piercing, and then my friend were like I know it's weird, and then everyone had to climb up this tree thing to get back to the school part and like when I was climbing up, Lindsey and this kid named jack that I don't really like were fighting and I said something that made them shut up, and then I woke up! Sorry, its kind of hard to follow, but I'm really confused and I don't know what it means! Help?!

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  1. Stephen K Says:

    As to the second dream, I get the feeling that you and your friends are kind of parting ways, as you want to go in one direction and they want to go in another

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