How can I remove my piercing from an infected and swollen ear?

My ear is totally infected from my ear piercing. I have a rubber back on it, but my ear is so swollen that it is completely covering the back and I cannot see the rubber back. Puss is leaking from my ear and my ear is throbbing and causing me a lot of pain. I have no idea how to remove it.

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  1. Cassie Says:

    Don’t take it out. If you take it out the infection will be trapped inside when your ear heals. Go to your local piercing shop. They’ll probably give you a ring for your ear so that it can swell as much as it needs to. You can also try a salt solution to draw the infection out. Try H20cean or dissolve like a teaspoon of sea salt in hot water, hold it on your ear and repeat. Hope this helps. :)

  2. Sandy K Says:

    If I were you, I first would use basatracin oniment (I’m not sure of the spelling) put this oinment on your ear and the infection area, leave the earring in for a day, than take out and put the ointment on the hole in your ears,and all over the back area, leave the earrings out for several days, the holes won’t close. Good luck.

    PS. Use this ointment for a week on so. It is great.

  3. Socialist Says:

    Cut it off. Thats what Van Gogh did!

  4. Felicity P Says:

    I am not qualified to give medical advice and would advise you to see your doctor or go to casuality if it is very bad. From a common sense standpoint you would get relief if you bathe the ear in an antiseptic solution to disinfect it. Then hold pads of cottonwool soaked in cold water and antiseptic against the ear, changing them every time they get hot from the heat of the infection. This will help the swelling to go down.

    Disinfect, then get the swelling down. Then put some antiseptic ointment on your ear and round the infected hole. This stops a scab forming from the pus and makes it easier to take the earring out.

    If this does not work, please go to the doctor as you could get blood poisoning.

    Once you’ve sorted out the problem, make sure you keep your earrings clean and bathe the holes in your ears regularly.

  5. Strawberry Says:

    Where about is it? If it is in the cartiledge then don’t remove it- I know it sounds strange but the piercing is actually keeping it open and allowing the puss to come out. If you took the peircing out the skin would heal quicker then the infection, meaning the skin will heal over the puss and cause a massive absess (cant spell!!) Which will result in it being surgerically removed causing in massive scaring.

    Regardless of where it is- only use salt water- if you use chemicals they tend to wash away all types of bacteria- including the good ones. Where if salt water is used it gets rid of the bad ones.

    If you have a ring in- do not twist it round!! as the crusty stuff set on the ring will just scratch the inside and push the bad bacteria in the wound again.

    Clean with hot water- one teaspoon of sea salt (not table salt) to a pint of warm water. Soak the peircing for 2-3 minutes- then use those cotton bud sticks to clean the area (these should be soaked in salt water again) and again soak the area again in salty water.

    Keep clear of hairspray, shampoo, perfurm.

    If you go to the doctor they will probaly say removed it- I do not recommend this- although it is a doctor they do not understand peircings- go back to the person who did it and get their advice.

    Hope this helps


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