How much does a tragus piercing hurt compared to a lip, cartiladge, or monroe piercing?

I have a monroe piercing and cartiladge piercing, & from a scale of 1-10....I think a cartiladge piercing is a 4 and a monroe piercing is like a 3,, so wat would a tragus be?

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  1. Trinitti Says:

    its really all about your pain tolerance.. everyones different..i have both of my tragus and both or my rooks and both of my cartilages i found my rook to be about a 3 and the others a 2 but i have a very high pain i just say go for it piercings only hurt for like 10 seconds right?

  2. Ashley Says:

    dude tragus is ia piece of cake. no more than a 3.

    no worries.


  3. aussiechick1579 Says:

    my tragus hurt about a 2, it really doesn’t hurt at all, its kinda the same pain as getting you’re cartilage pierced

  4. >-< Says:

    tragus piercings are no sweat. i got both done at the same time and they heeled in like 2 weeks. i had both of my lips pierced adn they hurt more than my tragus.

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