Can a second ear piercing be harmful?

I have already got my ears pierced but I am planning to get a second ear piercing only for my left ear (I am a girl). However I have to attend a wedding next month, and I would like to get the second piercing done this time so I can have a whole month to heal. But I am just curious if the ear piercing can have an infection, and if so, how do you prevent it from happening? Does it hurt to sleep on the side where you get your second ear piercing? Thanks!

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  1. ?JanetJacksonFan4LIFE!!!!? Says:

    Of course it can get infected. Keep it clean and dry and it should be fine. No it doesnt hurt to sleep on it.

    I have a second and third hole in both my earlobes! :)

  2. Jane Says:

    It depends on where you get it done. I have three holes in the lobe of each ear and I had my cartilage pierced in my right ear. The piercings in the lobes never bothered me and never got infected. The one in the cartilage never got infected, but it also never stopped hurting. After 1 1/2 years I finally took it out because I couldn’t sleep on that side. But that might have just been my experience; I’m sure they do heal most of the time.

    Any piercing can get infected. The best way to avoid infection is to clean them every day. I used rubbing alcohol on mine, but you can ask the piercer for their own recommendations.

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