How long can I keep my tragus piercing out for until the hole closes?

I've had my Tragus piercing in for about 11 months now, I took it out 2 days ago because it was getting all red and swollen with blood. I've treated it since then and it looks 100% better, I really want to put the piercing back in, I'm just worried about it closing up / healing over. Help?

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  1. Dannie Slade Says:

    i dont think it would have closed, it might have tightened so you may hear a little pop, but it shouldn’t hurt or cause blood.
    like when you leave an earring out for too long, its easy to re-use you just have to break the first layer of skin:’)
    try putting it in now, and if its stiff push it a little harder

  2. the rebel archorer Says:

    wots a tragus peircin

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