How long after getting a tragus piercing can i go swimming in a pool?

I read that fresh piercings cant be exposed to chlorine. So how long do i have to wait after getting a piercing (tragus) before i can go swimming? yes a tragus piercing. yess Sox are friggin amazing! haha.

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  1. Fireman911 Says:


  2. bored in nh Says:

    You should wait a few days to a week… you don’t want to risk infection. Once it’s heals a little, you will be fine… just as an added precaution, use peroxide or alcohol on it after swimming just to ensure no infection.

    PS – Sox won again tonight… kicking a$$!!!! :)

  3. BeccaBunny Says:

    They tell you to wait 8-10 weeks but to be honest, you should really wait about 6 months until they’re completely healed :)

  4. Trish Says:

    They take 6-12 months to heal, and that long until you can go swimming in a pool, lake or ocean.

    If you don’t wait you have a huge chance of getting an infection. It would be best to wait until after summer is over if you plan on swimming.

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